Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two New Stories

Hi, I'm excited to announce that I have two new stories out. Dreams and DejaVu, and Making Out. Please, go by and check them out and check my other novels out there as well. You can find the latest offerings from me at, and I can also be found at google+ as well as twitter and facebook. I have loaded these books at other online stores that will be available within the week, so  please keep checking your favorite stores for these two new, hot reads from me, or go by smashwords and sample 20% of these novels for free. As you can see from these covers, I have top Romance Novel  Book Cover Model, Jimmy Thomas on both of these covers, doesn't he and the sexy females with him make the covers shine? The covers are just the start, and I promise you, that if you go by and sample these two books, you'll find yourself drawn in, and just have to finish the story.
I have now joined other talented authors and am now an author with Crescent Suns eBooks.
  Two people experience dreams about each other for many years but when they meet, they realize that their sexual fantasies and dreams of one another are more than just dreams, they are DejaVu of past lives that they shared together as lovers. Enjoy this book as it takes you through the hot dreams and fantasies that these two have of each other, and watch with excitement as they finally meet and realize that their dream lover really does exist. Now available at Amazon.
 Melissa is a stuffy, boring, business woman who, after two years of being divorced, decides it's time to date again, so, she dresses sexy, goes to a local club and meets a man who teaches her the 'art' of making out. Watch as Melissa is thrown into a whirlwind of hot firsts, and watch in amusement as she discovers a few surprises along the way. And enjoy Melissa's discovery that she's not as boring, or ugly as she once thought she was...A different kind of Ugly Duckling story.
Patrick is taking a new position with a new company. But,Patrick can get along with most people,especially women, and this time is no different. Watch as Patrick charms his way into the new boss's heart as well as her bed...
This is a sexy,sensual,fun, and energized read about two people who are lost, but find themselves as they discover each other. This book is filled with the thing that Gwendolyn Cummings fans like the best, sex, and plenty of it. Enjoy.
 Coming Soon:
Sonja goes to college and does well, but she has some trouble with one of her classes, and requests tutoring help from her instructor. As she is being tutored by him, she in turn, tutors him in a particular subject with help from her two roommates, Lana and Carrie.

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