Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Stories On The Horizion

Hi, I'm here to announce that I've got new stories on the horizon. I am now finished with Dreams and Deja Vu, and it is off to the editor for editing and formatting. I am now preparing a story called Sonja And The Professor. Yes, Sonja is returning. She is failing her class and the professor has kindly volunteered to tutor her in the evenings to help her bring her grades up,but as they delve into the studies, her grades aren't the only thing that the handsome professor is interested in raising 'up'. Will Sonja give into his charms, and 'flow' with the professor's raging  heat? Find out in soon to be released, Sonja And The Professor.
I'm also working on another sexy story called, "Making Out". In Making Out, Melissa is a stuffy mufti-million dollar business woman who is single, alone, boring, and an workaholic. She enjoys the spas, Opera, and expensive restaurants.She took over the business after her parents were killed. The business is suffering under her leadership, and she needs help. She finds that help in the form of Clay Auburn, her vice-president.Clay Auburn. Clay is the perfect man for the job, he's smart, rich, handsome, and single. Clay is a Texan who likes Country Music, dislikes spas, Opera, and expensive restaurants . Watch as Clay gets Melissa's company back on its feet, and gets Melissa on her back.
So, look forward to these new stories coming soon from me. :)  Don't worry, guys, there will be plenty of sex, lust, and oh yes, more sex in these stories:)

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