Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hello, everyone. I know it's been awhile, but I am working my way back and will hopefully be posting often. In the meantime, I wanted to come by and let you know what I've been up to.
For now, I am rewriting my stories to please a wider range of audiences at Amazon- changing the step-relations issues;), but don't fear. If you are one of my wonderful readers who like reading the step-relations type stories, I am vigorously looking for a place to sell these. As a result, I am redoing my covers as well.
In the meantime, if you need a small dosage of Gwendolyn today, come by facebook today at 1pm Eastern Time for the Erotica Dirty Dozen Boss Joe Release Day Party, for my friend Taabia's release.

Send me a private message on Facebook or email me at with your facebook link and I'll shoot you an invite. I am on at 2 pm, but it will be 1 pm Eastern. 
So, come on by today, beginning at 10 am and have some fun with some great Erotica Authors and meet some new ones. 
Hope to see you there! Have a great day! ~Gwendolyn Cummings

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello from Darina Lassar

I want to thank my dear friend, Gwendolyn for inviting me to join her exciting blog, and I look forward to meeting each of you while  we share our love of all things Erotica.  The world of an Erotica Writer is an exciting place, full of lust, desire and the most deliciously, wicked thoughts swimming around in our heads.  We write of fantasies and dreams, and sometimes we even share our most intimate experiences with you.

Therefore, I look forward to getting to know you as I know we will share the most exquisite time together.  Until next time.

Lustfully yours,

Darina Lassar

How to heat up a cold winter's night

  With a lover is the best way to heat up a cold winter's night. Arms and legs tangled together in heated passion causing divine friction through my quivering body right to my inner core. Oh my  how I love to feel lips on mine. My lover gently biting my lower lip and then move to my ear, biting it tenderly. Slithering next down my neck; briefly pausing to lick my skin slowly, methodically, and sucking it between teeth, and biting it just enough to cause me to gasp-then releasing it and laughing softly. Oh the next area the lips give me pleasure will be my breasts. Hmmm, first the lips lick the left nipple, then the right- suckling on the nipples until they're swollen and hard while hands are kneading the other breast between fingers, arousing me, priming me for what is planned for me-what I most anticipate.
After the nipples are carefully satisfied, my lover slithers the moist lips down my stomach and to my already moistening pussy. Hmmm, the first kiss, the first touch of the lips on my split, and the first time I feel my lover's hand spread me apart sends me into an erotic spin and I lose my breath. I gasp as my lovers tongue slide inside and lick all around my pinkness while one finger tickles my clit, batting it back and forth like a playful cat. Ooh I feel the rush of wetness pouring from me, the first release of my sweetness bursting forth underneath the pleasures that my lover's hand and tongue are giving me.
"OOh, oooh, yessss!" I moan out breathlessly and grasping at my lover's head, pushing it down deeper, indicating my desire for more. My lover recognizes the silent pleas and moves the lips past the clit, slowly nearing the core which holds my wet treasure within. My lover knows exactly what to do to make me release  my bounty. The lips slide out of the mouth and circles around the opening once before slipping in. Hmmm, nice, I think as I groan out with pleasure. "Ohhhh!" What was that? A finger has found its way inside and oh how nice it feels. Oooh, all the the way in it slides forward swiftly, then slowly back down. "Uhhhhh!" Another fast stroke and then another one and another one! My lover is now licking and sucking my clit between teeth as fingers- one, two, three, and then four fill my swollen, welcoming pussy over and over and over until I can't hold back any longer! My body convulses with electrifying tremors as my pussy is flooded with a most satisfying climax. And now it's my turn to please my lover.
My lover, be it a man or a woman- depending on my burning desire-I'm ready to please with as much desire as was used to please me. If the lover of choice had been a woman, then I would have already spread her beautiful legs apart and turned her until she was sitting on my face with my mouth buried into her fruitful center, pleasuring her as she pleasured me. How I love to eat as much as being eaten. How I love to suck on nipples and squeeze the mounds like play-dough. How I love munching on beautiful women, feeling their little hairs tickle my face as I eat her-or feeling the smooth, shaved skin as I lick between the crease.
If it were a man- after he brought me to satisfying climax with his lips, I would find his manhood and and pull it into my mouth while ringing his bells gently with my hands. I would take him wholly into my mouth until I felt the head tickling the back of my throat, making me gag. I would then slowly withdraw it until I just had the crown in my mouth where I would run my tongue all around it, licking, tasting any pre-cum that might have escaped, and then sliding my tongue all the way around and down the hard shaft until my mouth reached the crown jewels I've got in my hands. I would slowly lick the left one and then kiss the right one. I would next suck them each in and playfully bite and suck on them as I take his hard dick in my hand and stroke it. After doing this several times, bringing him to the edge of insanity, I sense him turning into an animal and know he's going to take me aggressively-just as I like it. He pulls me into the position he wants to take me in. Gently, he pushes his hard cock inside my drenched pussy and moves slowly until he's filled my center completely and then stops. He holds the spot momentarily as we savor the first moments of our connection. He pulls his throbbing dick back until just the head is inside-and then rams me hard, fast causing me to scream out with heightened pleasure mixed with pain. He fucks me hard and fast, causing my pussy to convulse with eroticiness until I scream out in pleasure, grasping his shoulders, scratching his back, his chest, and squeezing his arms as if I'm clinging on in desperation, falling into an unknown abyss. This only causes him to drive deeper inside my chasm, attempting to go further than any man has ever been--several times he does this causing us both to cry out as we reach our ultimate heights of pleasure. Then I reach the peak before him and release my sweet cum into my chamber, drenching his magnificent hardness still buried deep inside me, pumping on. He groans loudly on the last thrust inward and then out, and then as he plummets deep inside me once more, he erupts and fills my cavern, mixing his salty, white-hot liquid with my own cum- and falls down onto me, smothering me with his strong, muscled body and our sweat mixes together as our body melt to one another in sweet breathless murmurs.
And that my friend, is how you heat up a cold winter's night.
                                                                                  Yours Truly, Gwendolyn

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Commute Home

The Commute Home

By Darina Lassar

It had been a long week even though it was only Wednesday, so I was glad when it was finally time to go home.  I powered down my computer for the day then gathered my things, but paused a moment as I dreaded the drive ahead of me.  You see, the traffic on I-10 from downtown Los Angeles to West Covina this time of the day is horrible, so it always takes at least an hour.  It had been a normal warm and sun-filled day, so I was glad to pull the top back on my convertible and make the best of the drive.
As I sat in the traffic surrounded by other commuters, I began to wish that I had left the top up on my car.  The sun was hot as it beat down on me, so I turned on the air conditioner and aimed one of the vents toward my crotch in the attempt to cool down a bit.  The air felt heavenly as it blew on my panties and I suddenly found myself aroused by its touch.  Then without thinking, I lifted my skirt and slid my hand down toward my moist pussy and rubbed my slit, and then rested on my swollen pearl.  It felt so good that I found myself smiling as I sat there in that congested traffic, but I could honestly say for the first time, I didn’t care.  The exquisite feeling of my fingers as they invaded my pussy caused me to shudder with delight.
I was completely caught up in this delicious act, when suddenly I felt that I was being watched.  Our eyes met and he smiled.  I froze and immediately felt the warmth spread across my face at the knowledge that he had been watching me please myself.  I had been so involved that I didn’t see the large Peterbilt pull up along side of me with the driver who was now smiling down at me.  I blushed as I pulled my hand out of my panties with the fingers still wet from my juices, but what happened next completely caught me off guard.  The driver lifted up from his seat and showed me his huge and fully erect cock!  He smiled and motioned for me to join him, so there on that congested freeway on my drive home, I had the most delectable orgasm with my hot new friend who drove a big Peterbilt.

A Winter's Paradise

    It's frigid outside these windows. I don't want to stir and I don't want to leave from where I lay.
Your arms are wrapped around me and your body is melted to me-right here is where I want to stay.
    Hmmm, our bodies dance together perfectly in front of the fire as you kiss me, touch me, and fill me with your hardness, letting me know that you too, feel the desire.
     The wind is blowing, the snow is falling, and the winter storm is raging outside
but I don't care; let it rage-I'm satisfied, pleasured by my hard lover who fills me to my core
leaving me gasping, grasping for more. I think I'll stay by the fire with you-my Winter's Paradise.

Meet Darina Lassar

Hi, everyone I hope all is well with you. It's been a while since I've posted but I'm back but with a friend. I am proud to introduce you to Darina Lassar. She is one of my closest friends and as with that lovable, huggable Whiskey McNaughton, she's a very talented writer. She does such an excellent job at penning out her stories that you find yourself clinging to every word as you read the story as well as falling in love with her characters, well and perhaps fearing one.
 Darina will be posting from time to time. And perhaps if I get my way, we'll have Whiskey dropping by from time to time with some steamy posts. Death has never been so pleasurable. An assassin uses her sexual powers to deliver death to her contracts in an exquisitely erotic way. She takes her targets to the height of ecstasy by giving them complete carnal satisfaction thus assuring they will remember their time with her for the rest of their lives. 
So today, here, facebook and perhaps on Google+, I and Darina will be giving out freebies, and some neat little gift packages so stay tuned this morning to grab some great gifts from us and meet Darina. Thanks.

A young divorcee goes out on the town with her best friend to celebrate her newfound freedom from her cruel and cheating ex-husband when a dark, mysterious man dressed in black leather walks into the seedy bar they are in and catches her eye.
Cassy returns from her morning run and decides to take a shower before she has to go to class. The warmth of the water as it caresses her skin awakens a need for release that she decides to satisfy until she realizes that she's no longer alone. Gem, one of Cassy's roommates heard her moans of delight and decided that Cassy could use some help and toghter they heat up the room and each other.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Get ready for an erotic, uninhibited, and fantasy filled summer with Sonja. 
Sonja is about to experience one hot summer with old lovers and new lovers, doing what most of us wish we could do, but restrain ourselves. Live out each of the about fantasy stories with Sonja this summer in Sonja's series coming soon.
 Satin Sheets and Sensual Seductions, books one, two, three, four, and five. 
 Book One

Join Sonja as she meets a tall, dark, handsome stranger who helps her out of a jam. How will she ever repay him for helping her? 
Book Two 
Enjoy Sonja's trip to the grocery store when she accidentally bumps into a beautiful woman who's looking for the same things she's looking for~a little afternoon delight. 
Book Three
Have a little family reunion fun when Tommy and Sonja help Jack redecorate the cabin. 
Book Four
Try not to drown in this wet erotic tale as Sonja takes a trip to Hawaii and finds herself right dab smack in the middle of a lifeguard convention. 
Book Five
Get ready for some lessons from Sonja on Self Love; in this story, we watch Sonja experience a little fun with some toys in all kinds of settings.
So, hold on tight to yourself, or to a lover as Satin Musings presents to you five hot summer selections to keep you hot, horny, and satisfied all summer. Prepare to get wet.