Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Possessing Sonja~ A different kind of Coming of Age Story

 If you read my story, The Roommates, then you will remember Sonja from that fun, quirky story. This story will take you to the beginning of Sonja's adventure as she is introduced into the Swinger's Lifestyle and how she loses her virginity for the first time. I really enjoyed doing the research for this story and learning all about the techniques of Bondage. I believe you will also enjoy this story as well. You can read the first 40% for free.  So, go on over to Smashwords and read the 40% free offering and let me know what you think!

Introduction One

Sonja just turned eighteen and is ready to start her life as a young woman but she has one more gift to open. Her mother is being very mysterious about the last gift as she drives her to a luxurious penthouse. She tells Sonja that if she does what she's told, she'll enjoy the gift. Sonja promises to do as she is instructed and watches as her mother drives away. Sonja enters the penthouse and meets the masked man who is now in control of her for seven days. Join Sonja in her seven day experience with this masked man who takes possession of her body, steals her virginity, and now works on possessing her mind. Will Sonja give into this masked stranger and grow to enjoy the sexual things he's doing to her or will this experience leave her stale and turned off by sex? Find out with Sonja who this masked man is and feel her experiences as she is introduced into the Swinger's Lifestyle.

Introduction Two:

Eighteen year old Sonja has yet one more birthday gift to open from her mother but this is a gift unlike any other she's ever been given. Join Sonja in this unique, different coming of age story. She discovers in this adventure that she isn't opening the last present, she is the present being opened. Enjoy the experience as Sonja discovers the joys of sex and new experiences for the first time. 

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