Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Winner of the Contest

Congratulations to my contest winner, Taabia Dupree.
I would love to see the other submissions who didn't make the deadline. I love getting mail so send them in. 
A lover is always good to have when it's cool outside,
A lover's kiss is so right when he passionately kisses you all over, especially in the special area of your thigh.
A lover is better than hot chocolate to warm your insides.
Especially, when he is licking and kissing you from behind.

Between wet lips his fingers go,
Your head tosses to and fro.

Unbelievable how your lover is to you today,
Giving you whatever you want, giving you your way.

In and out, he pushes those fingers,
You scream out and your body quivers.

Before you know it, he plunges his cock within,
Between soaked lips he starts again.

Thrusting inside you, this lover shows you his lust,
As he grabs you up and squeezes your bust.

You rock back and a nice fit you are together,
Lovers, rocking like boats in stormy weather.

The bed bounces, your head thrown back,
Your lover holds you tight, he has the knack.

Plow after plow, pulsating clit,
He runs a finger between and rubs it.

You’re through, it’s over, and it’s done.
You scream, he with loud grunts and you’re sweaty bodies, you both cum.

Collapsing on the bed together; arm in arm.
You feel safe, sedated and warm.

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