Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sensual Connections

Sensual Connections are hot and powerful when the connection is coming from two people whose desires are burning red with heated passion for another. When a man connects with me, I know immediately if he has that burning passion that I enjoy so much. If a man isn't feeling the heated desire for me then I just prefer that he not waste my energy. I want a lover that is focused on pleasing me because if you please me, you in return will find pleasure like you have never known.
So the next time you are with the woman,be it a new encounter, or a lasting love, do yourself a favor men, focus on her  and on her alone, and the things that you can do to make her feel sexy, and alive. I promise you that if you do these things for your lady, you may find a sweet sensation that you might not have encountered before. Try it. I dare you....

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