Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meet Darina Lassar

Hi, everyone I hope all is well with you. It's been a while since I've posted but I'm back but with a friend. I am proud to introduce you to Darina Lassar. She is one of my closest friends and as with that lovable, huggable Whiskey McNaughton, she's a very talented writer. She does such an excellent job at penning out her stories that you find yourself clinging to every word as you read the story as well as falling in love with her characters, well and perhaps fearing one.
 Darina will be posting from time to time. And perhaps if I get my way, we'll have Whiskey dropping by from time to time with some steamy posts. Death has never been so pleasurable. An assassin uses her sexual powers to deliver death to her contracts in an exquisitely erotic way. She takes her targets to the height of ecstasy by giving them complete carnal satisfaction thus assuring they will remember their time with her for the rest of their lives. 
So today, here, facebook and perhaps on Google+, I and Darina will be giving out freebies, and some neat little gift packages so stay tuned this morning to grab some great gifts from us and meet Darina. Thanks.

A young divorcee goes out on the town with her best friend to celebrate her newfound freedom from her cruel and cheating ex-husband when a dark, mysterious man dressed in black leather walks into the seedy bar they are in and catches her eye.
Cassy returns from her morning run and decides to take a shower before she has to go to class. The warmth of the water as it caresses her skin awakens a need for release that she decides to satisfy until she realizes that she's no longer alone. Gem, one of Cassy's roommates heard her moans of delight and decided that Cassy could use some help and toghter they heat up the room and each other.

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