Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Love and Hate

I've finished another hot story in the Sonja series. If you want to read those stories in order of events then go in this order:
The first one in the series that should be read is The Possession of Sonja, the second one should be Swinging with Daddy, the third in the series should actually the new one I just finished, called Love and Hate; a step-siblings story, and The Roommates should be the last one in the series. I actually wrote The Roommates first and the others in this series I wrote afterwards but they turned out to be prequels. I didn't plan these stories this way, they just sort of developed that way. Sometimes, that's what happens when you let your characters write their own stories.:)
On another note, I'm starting another story that will be titled Dreams and Deja vu ; I am looking for a hot, sexy male name for my leading male character for this story, if you suggest a name to me and I use it in my book, I'll give the book to you for FREE. Email me at  Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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