Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Couple of Announcements

Hi, I am so excited today to announce a couple of exciting things that are occurring with me. First, my very first interview can be found here:
I also have been involved with an incredible group of Erotica Authors who have participated in an Anthology. There are two books and they will be FREE, yes, FREE at Smashwords with the following links. 

  So please go over and take a look at my first interview and go to Smashwords and take a look at the Anthology that I'm involved in. Please, while you are there receiving these wonderful gifts from us, the Authors, go and check out the rest of our works that are there. I also have two more FREE offerings there as well so as we make these offerings to you, look at our other works too; there might just be something else there that you might want to take with you. Thank you so much for being my reader, and I hope to entertain you for a long time. Please also remember after reading our free stories, go back and leave reviews so that we as Authors can know if you are being pleased with our works. If you don't want to leave reviews there, then please feel free to email me at or leave me a message here on this site. What would be interesting to you in as far as story lines, and situations? I'd love to hear from you.  I aim to please my readers and want to attract and keep you coming back over and over. Thanks!

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