Satin Musings

Satin Musings

Thursday, July 21, 2011

By The Firelight

By the firelight, you pull me into your arms and I come willingly. We are lovers running a race, and time is never on our side. The passion between us is undeniable so we must answer its call. We allow our lust to be our guide, so with whispering words and fervent touches, we feel our bodies giving into their demands.
You pull me into your embrace and I crumble under your tongue mingling kiss. I start to heat up the more, and I feel the moisture developing in my inner sanctum before you even touch me.
I am the first to touch you. I slowly unbutton your shirt and run my fingers through the curls that cling to your manly chest. I gasp as I view just how magnificent you are. You in turn lift my blouse from around me with the one hand, and with the other, you unfasten my bra and slip it away. You gently slide your hands across my breasts and rest them on my already hardening nipples. At the same moment you thrust your mouth onto my neck as I throw it back. You flick your tongue slowly down my neck and then back again to just beneath my earlobe, sending scorching vibrations through my body.
As I am brought to a delightful peak, you start tormenting me with your tongue by flicking  it down my neck, across each hard nipple, and then down, down to my now very moist center.
You pull away my jeans and then my thong, and gently spread my lips apart and kiss my center until I release my cream on you.
I now in turn began pleasing you with my own kisses to your manhood and bring you to the edge of release. But just before you lose control, you pull me to you, on all fours and with my backside facing your manhood. With one easy move, you push yourself past my slit, past my clit, and into my tight cavern. There you join our bodies as one and make love to me. You rock me back and forth causing heated friction that sends me over the edge several times over.
You all at once with one quick motion flip me to my back and mount me with great enthusiasm and stir me deep and long with your thick, hard, throbbing pole. You bring me easily to a most satisfactory outcome time and time again. You stir me more quickly now, and more aggressively as we both cry out in undeniable pleasure, and then it happens, you shoot out all over me, as a dam bursting forth. And I am the valley that your great flood flows into, and am full and satisfied, by the firelight. 

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